Graphic Design as Garden Design

I'm a big fan of graphic design.  Good graphic designers are alchemists.  Smart use of font, illustration, and design can transform one's identity.  I occasionally peruse the websites of my favorite graphic designers looking for inspiration for my landscape design.  I came across this recent design by the firm Filthy Media.  They created a branding package for a fascinating new arts and entertainment district in London. 

Here is their description of the project: London Pleasure Gardens (LPG), the major new 20 acre site is opening its doors for the very first time on Saturday 30th June 2012 in the heart of Olympic East London. The colossal project has transformed this forgotten stretch of wasteland into a bonafide wonderland, ready to host a plethora of innovative, world-class art and culture events.

Having received the commission to develop a branding package for LPG, our initial research looked at the pleasure gardens that existed in London between the 17th and 19th Centuries. These were communal spaces where people from all walks of life converged to listen to music, admire paintings, stroll and drink.  Working closely with LPG creative director Hugo Toland, we selected a palette of typography and imagery from this period that reflected the ornate and overly-embellished style of the time. We then contrasted the old with the new, bringing in neon signage for the word ?Pleasure? and setting the logo in front of the London skyline.

I love how they've used silhouettes of Victorian gardens and added a hint of naturalistic planting and NEON-hipster signage to modernize it. I'm enchanted with the Victorian idea of the pleasure garden and even more enchanted with this modern version of it.  This could make a fantastic garden: distressed Victorian ironwork set in a stylized meadow with tents, lights, and other urban-nomadic imagery.  It would be a garden version of Beruit's ablum Gulag Orkestar.

And here is a plan of the actual site set to open in a few days:

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